Communication is possible only by email!

We respond only during the day.

Due to the limited number of visits during the day, it is necessary to make an appointment two weeks in advance. We can arrange an appointment for 12:00 at the earliest and 19:00 at the latest.

You must always confirm your appointment 2 hours in advance by text message, we wait a maximum of 15 minutes. Double session and single session with Kira is confirmed 3 hours in advance by SMS.

Unconfirmed appointments will be cancelled. We do not tolerate tardiness or blocking appointments without apology.

In the past, there have been a few times when confirmations have not come through due to a technical problem, if the confirmation we do not respond within a few minutes, please contact us immediately by email. Appointments can be cancelled 24 hours before without forfeiting the deposit.

We do not respond to messages without elements of basic courtesy or to requests to chat for the purpose of sexual gratification. If we are not comfortable with communication, we have no reason to implement a personal meeting.

Sometimes it happens that we have to cancel an appointment from our side. It's nothing personal, but we want to, to make your experience as positive as possible. Thus, if we do not feel it is better to reschedule the meeting.

Additional information that is beneficial to us prior to the first meeting

Special medical conditions (high, low blood pressure, diabetes, mobility disorders, phobias, arousal disorders)

Confection size and shoe size in case you want to borrow some clothes, shoes, latex.

Hard limits

We are discreet, no need to mention personal details.