We are a married couple, Lucie and Kira Ärztin and BDSM is our lifestyle.

We are experienced and open to your individual needs, whether you are female, male or however you identify.

We offer deep experiences through real encounters in our studio Fetish kinky clinic Prague or through our original kinky videos that you can purchase right here:

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I'm a perverted sadist. My main, but not only, fetish is latex. I enjoy variety and I appreciate originality. I am turned on by the helplessness and loss of control of my counterpart. I am bisexual. I don't spare my energy on anyone and the encounters with me are very intense. I like to surprise, which is why it is pointless to ask what you're going to get in a session. I always improvise within the agreed practices. I have had professional experience since 2000. With a degree in physiology and anatomy I ensure the safety of the play according to SSC rules.



I'm lady with cock. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been into bondage. For many years, I was involved in self-bondage techniques. I love strict bondage and it's my specialty. My main fetish is high heeled shoes, corsets and lingerie. I am a bisexual switch. I can empathize with both roles and enjoy them adequately.



Fetish Kinky Clinic Prague

Most of the equipment and tools are custom made specifically for our professional use.

We update and upgrade our interior and equipment often, it's our passion.

You will never get bored with us.

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We care about your safety and ours.
All surfaces, clothes, shoes, tools are always disinfected,instruments are sterilized, and some materials are disposable.