We don't compromise our standards and we are selective about our company. We like people with an open mind of equal caliber. Together, we can explore your sexuality and make your dreams and desires come true.

You lean on our experience and indulge in the safe power of the present moment through the physical body. Arrange an appointment at the exact time, neither earlier nor later, unless we let you know by text of any delays. We wait a maximum of 15 minutes for your arrival, then the appointment is cancelled.

All details will be communicated in advance by email, there is no need to delay later. We are not fans of scripts from a to z. We're creative and we're experienced.

The meeting is beneficial to both parties, we determine the dynamics. Of course we respect your preferences and hard limits. We always improvise by considering the mood, energy and momentary physical condition.

Leave the flow to us, you will enjoy your visit all the more. Don't be ashamed to show your emotions, it will allow the session to have more juice. Remember, we are born perverts too. We like the real game.

It is possible to take photographs or short videos during the session at your request, focusing on the details, but we cannot record the entire session though.

We can agree on the type of our outfit. It may happen that some pieces are no longer available. Masked, we only enjoy purely fetishistic encounters. The session, i.e. the total duration of the visit, is usually for an hour, not less. It generally starts with a very short talk, shower, change into fetish clothes, which takes 5-7 minutes max. followed by play. Meeting ends with a shower, or we share feedback from the meeting.

The price is 200 Euro for 60 minutes of total time.

Longer sessions are not discounted and booking is subject to a 50% deposit in advance and are for clients, we already know.

The deposit is non-refundable and can be transferred to another date if you comply with the terms and conditions and apologize in time. Acceptable time is 24 hours before the appointment.

Booking of a single session with TV Lady is possible with a deposit in advance on our account.
Double session with TV Lady is for 300 Euro per hour.

Couples therapy (with Your wife, girlfriend, etc.) sessions are 240 Euro per hour. We are both present.

We do not accept professionals.

If you want to end early during the session for any reason, it is up to you, but you pay the agreed price in full. Please always have the exact amount, we are not a bank. We do not accept card payments.

How to prepare for a meeting

  • No need to wear any toys or clothes. The studio is professionally equipped
  • If anal intercourse will be the focus, you need to prepare with an anal douche at home. It can also be done as part of the game
  • Milking the prostate requires 2-3 days of sexual abstinence
  • Bondage ropes cause bruising for approximately 2 hours (clothing should be adapted to this, especially in summer months)
  • The saline solution is absorbed individually within hours

In-session practices

It is possible to rent a latex outfit for the duration of the game. Women's, men's and themed outfits can be rented. in all sizes

Anal stimulation

Prostate massage, milking, anus dilation, fisting, double or deep fisting, foot fisting


Medical, cleansing, punitive, bizarre

Saline infusions

breast, scrotal, bladder infusions, dilatation of urethra, urethral swabbing, catheterisation


Measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, vital capacity of lungs, urinalysis, weight control


Western, Shibari, mummification, hangings


Animal roleplay, army training, doctor-patient, warden-prisoner...


Partial transformation. Shaving, make up, manicure, wigs, clothes, shoes, latex, breast inflation

Foot fetish

High heels, stockings, garters. Foot job, trampling


Needles, infusions, suturing, piercing (I don't sell jewelry)

Electrostimulation, electro torture

Vacuum and vibration therapy

Breath control, poppers

Sensory deprivation

Cum control, POT, CBT

Pissing, Spitting

Spanking, tickling

Baby adult, gummi baby

Face-sitting in lingerie or latex



Enema and piss machine

Chastity play, key holder with piercing PA.

Can provide you with some fetish items e.g. panties, stockings, shoes...

For regular clients by individual agreement by email

  • Long-term session
  • Sex coaching for couples
  • Cuckold play
  • Private BDSM party
  • Public games

What is not our kink and what we don't offer (our hard limits)

  • We don't deal with classic sexual services
  • No rimming or oral or other gratification is possible
  • Forced homosexuality with Kira is only possible with protection. It is not possible to use someone else's semen,only your own
  • Touching only at our invitation. Our nudity is not possible
  • We don't accept drunks or people under the influence of drugs
  • If sympathy, connection, chemistry don't work there is no reason to continue the game
  • We do not use permanently harmful methods or risky procedures
  • We don't do caviar, vomit. No scat practices are possible
  • We do not have a fetish for long term unwashed body parts nor do we offer such worn underwear or stockings
  • We do not sell fetishes
  • No practices with wax, Crisco, oil that is not water based
  • We are non-smokers, so no tuxedo fetish is possible
  • We do not accept professionals
  • We do not do online or phone sessions
  • We do not work at night
  • It is not possible to take video footage of the whole session
  • We are not looking for male performers for our videos, only organic women
  • We are not looking for personal slaves or relationships. We do not offer slave contracts or branding